Odette Free Renshaw


I was raised and born in the Isle of Man and had the most amazing upbringing living on a farm and grafting everyday. Sadly at a very young age I lost both my inspirational parents through their fight with cancer, this gave me so much passion and love in my belly to help others who have lost loved ones so I joined the hospice IOM, caring and loving every single patient who I had the pleasure to meet and look after. I believed in making my patients end of their lives the most joyous and filling all heart full of my love. 

I then moved to the hospital for a further 3 years to expand and experience my love of learning and caring for the sick. I absolutely love caring and helping anyone who crosses my path and knowing you have helped or made one patient smile was my mission complete. 

I found Heroes On The Water in 2022 and it was the most amazing change to my life because this charity is so inspiring in all they do and seeing it with my own eyes how its helped so many people and saved lives. It’s a charity I feel very passionate about and will do my upmost to spread the word because finding HOW IOM has made my life complete because now I have a family who mean so much to me and my life.