Edward McMahon - Army Veteran

Volunteer:  Gym Co-Ordinator 

Heroes On The Water Trustee Ed McMahon
Heroes On The Water Trustee Ed McMahon

Joined the  Junior leaders at 16 ,did my Military training in  in the black mountains In Brecon Wales.

Passed out and joined my battalion The 22nd Cheshire regiment, became a small arms instructor, and completed my Army physical training instructor courses. 

Spent my time with support company, travelling around the world on operations. Working alongside with other services etc.  Enjoyed my service and it was great to serve my country. 

After leaving the Army I was never happy in civilian life, so decided to join the Navy, it took me down that road, but found myself with joining the Royal Fleet Auxiliary which in effect was the same thing but with extra benefits, got to travel around the world many times, and helped with humanitarian  Crisis .  My naval service was fantastic and I was very lucky to have so many opportunities and I gained allot of experience.  My service was cut short due to being injured on an operational tour, and due to my injuries I was medically retired .

Looking back at my service I can honestly say that I enjoyed it and yes I would do it all over again. 

I now enjoy helping others and want to give something back, and if I can help anyone I will always try to do that. This is just a small brief about me, and I’m always here for anyone to talk to if needed.